Alain van West appointed mens Head Coach

Hammersmith & Fulham RFC is pleased to welcome new Head Coach Alain van West for the 2024/25 season!

With over 15 years experience in men’s, women’s and youth Rugby across all levels of the game, Alain’s focus will be on helping all teams achieve their potential, growing the club and ensuring everyone has fun!

In the words of Alain himself, “Something clicked. I could feel straight away that we all shared the same goals – play to our potential, grow the club and enjoy ourselves. The more we talked, the more the fit felt natural and it proved impossible to resist.

I’m very pleased to be appointed. From what I have witnessed, there are clearly some brilliant rugby brains at Hammers, and I’ll be looking forward to tapping into these while we foster an environment where we all grow together.”

Join us in welcoming Alain to the London’s best