Youth Safety

Boots and Studs
Worn, chipped studs and jagged edges can cause serious injury to players, particularly from Under 9’s upwards. Boots must be examined regularly and missing studs replaced. Only studs conforming to BS 6366 (1983) will be allowed. All aluminium studs are acceptable. Plastic studs must not be used, although moulded rubber studs will be allowed in U6, U7, and U8’s.

If padding is to be worn then it must carry the ‘IRB approved’ label. Also, please let the coaches know. Padding can sometimes give the wearer a sense of invincibility which may result in reckless behaviour giving the potential for injury to both the wearer and opposition players. Please impress on your son or daughter that padding is for protection and no other reason.

We all hope that no player gets hurt. If, unfortunately they do, first aid will be administered at the site and parents/carers notified. If, in the opinion of the first aid provider the child needs hospital treatment, appropriate arrangements will be made. If a parent/carer is unavailable, the Club will ensure the child is accompanied and the parent/carer notified as soon as possible.

The Club has several first-aiders but in the event of injury Jenny Slack-Smith, (who will be in the community room) should be contacted immediately. Even where Jenny is not required if an injury occurs which requires the player to leave the field this should be reported to her at the end of the session. If a player’s parent is not at the session but there is a nominated guardian it is important that that person has the parent’s phone number so they can be contacted in the event of a significant injury. When concussion is sustained the player will be removed from the field and irrespective of age, will have a compulsory 21 days off rugby.

Medical or Other Conditions
Parents / Carers must notify coaches of any condition, eg asthma, diabetes, attention deficit disorder, epilepsy, that could affect a player during a session.

Coaches and assistants cannot act “in parentis loco” and cannot take legal responsibility for players whose parents/carers leave them during training sessions, matches or festivals. If a parent does leave, they must appoint another parent to be responsible for this child. They must notify their Lead Coach of their absence and identify their stand-in carer.

Players and supports of any Hammersmith team are expected to uphold the traditions of the game in terms of behaviour and generosity to all players and officials . Specifically players and supporters must not question the decisions of match officials. Swearing and abuse is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Players and coaches will be reprimanded for foul language and inappropriate behaviour, resulting ultimately in expulsion from the club.