Youth Registration Agreement

By completing registration you are agreeing to the following.

The information given is accurate and that there is no further information that would prevent in any way the child/children listed from participating safely in the activities of the H&FRFC Youth Section.

That I, or a responsible adult organised by me, will be present to supervise the child/children listed at all sessions whether home or away. If, in the absence of both myself and a responsible adult organised by me, my child is injured I authorise the Club to approve such medical procedures, as advised by a medical practitioner as being necessary to treat the injury.

That the H&FRFC Youth Rugby Section does not take legal responsibility or act in loco parentis for players whose parent or guardian leaves them during a session.

The child/children listed may be transported by car, minibus or coach to away fixtures as arranged by the H&FRFC Youth Section.

H&FRFC may use photographs of the child/children listed, either by themselves or with others, for the purpose of promoting the Club’s activities.

The child/children listed may train & play rugby at H&FRFC and that I and they will be bound by the policies, rules and regulations of the H&FRFC, Middlesex County Rugby Football Union and the Rugby Football Union. All policies, rules and regulations can be found on the Club’s website ( or are available on request.