Hammersmith and Fulham 1st underwhelm against Hackney

Following up from two good training sessions this week Hammers were keen for a repeat of last year a win up in Hackney.

So, under a shining sun the match began. The first twenty minutes were challenging for the Hammers as Hackney put up a strong attack. Hammers defence struggling to click, and Hackney very quickly put 10 points on the board.

Finally, after Hammers managed to get into Hackneys half.  A strong lineout on the Hackney 5 meter line with the forwards pushing forward with pick and goes until Pete Benson managed to dive over the line for the try took the score to 10-5

Hackney soon responded by breaking through the Hammers line with another try. 17-5.  Minutes later, a clever kick over the Hammers defensive line followed by some Hammers indiscipline gifted Hackney a penalty in front of the posts. 20-5

Suffering from a yellow card thanks to some unneeded commentary from Taylor as the referee’s effectiveness, Hackney capitalised and manage to get a scrum on the Hammers 5 meter line, and with some pick and goes managed to score putting the score at 27-5

Now it was Hackneys turn to have a player in the bin soon after Hammers managed to put pressure on Hackney again working up the pitch. For Hammers second try there was a brilliant play by the backs for Jack Hooper to cross the line, taking the to 27-12 going into the half.

The second half was much better defensively for the Hammers, however we still still couldn’t finish off in the attack. The game in the second half was a game of turnovers and defence where the Hammers managed to keep a clean slate however so did Hackney.

With the final whistle, the score was still 27-12.

Hammers will go back to training on Tuesday ready to prepare for next week as they take on Hampstead at home.