Hammers 1st XV Women put in commanding performance

After a bit of a shaky start, Hammers earn a penalty off an exceptionally dominant scrum. The penalty was kicked by Erin to the corner beautifully and Hammers have their first real attacking opportunity of the game on their 5m, After a well drilled line out, our 8 man maul gets moving. There’s nothing Medway can do to stop to forward momentum of the Hammers pack, and Emma picks her opportunity perfectly to dive over the line for Hammers’s first try of the game. Converted by Erin, 7-0.
With some hard carries, Hammers were back in Medway’s 22  and earned a penalty right beneath the posts by the pack absolutely demolishing Medway’s scrum yet again. This gave Erin the opportunity to kick for goal, the score line now stood at 10-0.
Hammers get another opportunity for a line out off a penalty kicked to touch by Erin. It feels like deja vu, Hammers are back in exactly the same spot for another line out opportunity. Hammers go for another maul. Expecting us to drive all the way to the line again, Medway bite in to the maul, leaving space for Comfort to peel off early and drive over the line. The ref couldn’t see ball placement and the try wasn’t awarded (TMO evidence would potentially disagree). Medway got a short respite as they get a goal line drop out.
But it wasn’t too long until Hammers were building pressure again. Some great carries and ruck support allowed Hammers to play the ball out to the backs, making some great runs near the touch line. Quick thinking from Aly at the ruck saw her pick and go before the Medway defense could get organised. She weaved her way through and stormed right down the touchline to go over for try number 2.15-0 to Hammers.
Tappers was absolutely everywhere in attack, filling in as a distribution option she shoots the ball wide to Camille who can see space through a splintered Medway defense. Her incredibly fancy footwork was leaving defenders in her dust and she gets our 3rd try of the game between the posts, converted by Erin, 22-0.
We go into half time at 3 tries up with the aim to seal a final one for the bonus point.
A couple of high tackles and errors from Hammers after the break gave Medway territory and a penalty on our 5m. They opted for the scrum, which they had much improved from the start of the game. Some clean hands and hard runs off the back of the scrum were able to send their center between the posts for their first try which was was also converted, 22-7.
Hammers come back. A scrum on Medway’s 5m line gives us the perfect attacking opportunity. Erin sees gaps open in Medway’s defense as they shoot out to defend and weaves through the line to get over the line. Yet again, no grounding was seen by the ref (TMO budget would be really handy right about now), and Medway could take another breather.
Medway get a yellow card for a high tackle, and Hammers have a 1 player advantage for 10 minutes. With one fewer in defense, Medway was starting to tire. Erin saw space back in behind the ruck and made a break for it. Even getting tackled wasn’t going to stop her getting the try she deserved. She picks up the ball from her own carry, goes again, and offloads the ball to Fizzy running a gorgeous line in support. Fizzy goes over the line giving us the try we needed for the bonus point. 27-5.
Erin seems to have had about 5 Weetabix for breakfast and is powered on some sort of jet fuel as she takes a quick tap and go penalty. Yet again shes running a through gaps between Medway defenders and pops it down right between the posts to give a her an easy conversion. 34-7 to Hammers.
Off the back of a scrum on the 50, Medway go blind are able to send their fast winger down the touch line for their second try of the game. Converted 34-14.
Final score was 34-14, and Hammers showed the beautiful rugby we can play. Everyone really stepped up on Sunday. The forwards delivered with some blinding carries, pin point jumping, lifting and throwing in the line outs, and one of the most dominant scrums we’ve seen in the league so far. The backs held their space excellently, ran hard lines and were weaving and stepping past any defender that would come their way. Our timing, depth and pace on Sunday was something that Medway could not handle, and it was an absolute joy to watch. I can’t wait to see what is next for us.
The 1s now have a 2 weekend gap. As mentioned before, the final 3 games on the year are going to be some of our toughest challenges. Its therefore exceptionally important to look after yourselves and for us to make the most of the training time we do have together. Please come down to as many training sessions as you can, it makes the world of difference to train with a full squad (you also get to see your buddies and you don’t get FOMO). Lets give everything at training for the next couple of weeks, and the remaining games will feel like a breeze.
Match pints:
FOTM: Lauren for excellent engine room work in the scrum and being everywhere in ruck support.
BOTM: Camille for some very fancy footwork and impressive defense on the wing
Coaches player: Livvy for running some beautiful lines and really stepping up her game.
Special pint: Steffy – we are going to miss you and your tries while you are in south america, but please have the most amazing time and don’t miss us too much.