Charing Cross Hospital Covid-19 Appeal

The club has donated £500 to the Friends of Charing Cross Hospital Charity to help out during the Covid-19 crisis.

Charing Cross is our local hospital and has admitted a number of COVID-19 patients, with numbers continuing to grow. Like other medical facilities, they are facing unprecedented challenges and one way they have found to help is by converting their shop, which has been forced to close due to Covid-19 restrictions, to a distribution centre for donations (primarily food and hand cream). The shop is run by the Friends of Charing Cross Hospital Charity, and they are now giving away their existing stock free to NHS workers in the hospital.

They are providing free refreshments for staff and aim to continue for as long as necessary.  Donations have enabled them to provide equipment to the onsite nursery in support of key workers children. But they need to raise more awareness and funding at this unprecedented time.

If you are able to help in any way, here are some of the things they’d be grateful for…

  1. Give their social media channels a shout-out to spread the news of their urgent campaign by retweeting/reposting/mentioning. Please also feel free to add their details to your website/email signatures/communications etc:
  1. Share the link to their campaign to your clients/staff and on your social media channels:

  1. Please consider donating to their campaign (link above!) – they are happy to give a thank you on their website and social media channels for any support given:
  1. Please consider donating any goods that can be made available to NHS staff via the shop. They will be happy to provide acknowledgement on their website.