Update your Club Membership

Club membership, payment and player registration have now been streamlined using the RFU Game Management System (GMS) to make it easier for you to take control of the information held about you, and enable the club to simplify the membership and registration process.

This will ensure that individual members are responsible for their own data and will reduce the amount of admin that club volunteers need to take on to keep records up to date. The club is now using GMS to communicate with members, and things such as international ticket purchase are all managed through GMS.

If you are a Life Member, Associate Life Member or VP of the club, please create a GMS account by clicking the link below, and then advise us at: admin@fulhamrugby.co.uk so that we can assign the appropriate membership category.

Note: Life and Associate Life Members – don’t click ‘buy membership’ or you will be asked to pay again! Vice Presidency is an honorary membership and as such can only be assigned by the club. It is not available to select on GMS as a membership category.