Hammers grind out a win against a tough Luton side

Hammersmith and Fulham 1st XV came in to this fixture as the only team in the club with a fixture as Storm Jorge forced waterlogged pitches and sauce related issues in the W4 area.

With no Megaboss’ mega bus quiz to entertain the travelling bus, Ross Anderson treated those who could understand him to 5 fun facts about Luton. To translate, it has an airport and something about a TV advert.

Upon arrival the forwards and backs split in to seperate changing rooms, with the backs using this time to compare the bulk bought blue boots and share their industrial strength hair products. The forwards all sat in the corner doing whatever Joe Healey told them to.

Ben ‘the Hattonater’ Hatton pried himself away from the friend zone to join the team in Luton and got proceedings underway for the visitors. Luton retained possession before a sloppy pass resulted in Joel Caravan capitalising and kicking through. Unfortunately for Joel, the handbrake appeared to still be on for the motorhome as Ash ‘he’s me Dad’ Mitchell raced ahead to win the penalty. The Hatonater took the 3 points.

Hammers took the kick off and dominated the next period. Returning to the Luton 22, the clubs resident Georgian Alex Gee outpaced/boshed [delete as appropriate] his opposite man to make the score 8-0. The Hattonater added the 2.

The prevailing wind from the M1 was blowing in favour of the South West London side as they returned to the red zone. After a number of pick and goes, Josh McLean yet again found himself in the right place at the right time and flopped over from 20cms to add to his ever growing try tally.

The Bedfordshire side had obviously heard about the exceptional NHS talent in the Cockney ranks and looked to take advantage with 2 injuries in a short space of time. Unfortunately for them, the doctors had remained in the capital to continue spending their increased post-Brexit salary.

As the Georgian national team look to infiltrate the 6 nations, The Georgian giant proved the nations strength in depth. Just before half time, Alex Gee-nishvilli used the full force of his 102.6kg to power over for the visitors 3rd try.

20-0 half time.

The second half saw the arrival of 2 debutants in Rob Vaughan and Iain Downie. Vaughan made an instant impact, giving away a penalty resulting in the referee sending him straight back to the sideline. Down to 14 men, Luton saw the opportunity to capitalise with a chip over the top finding grass and being collected to cut the margin.

10 mins later, back up to full compliment, Hammers collected a line out on the Luton 22 to set up a driving maul. In a role reversal, the forwards delicately set up the foundations of the maul before the backs added the brute strength to force Lachy Skulander over for the try.

A few more chances for Hammersmith to extend their lead were not taken. Joe Healey couldn’t collect the ball from a blind side move, but in no way was this Healey’s fault and Anderson’s left handed seed was nearer the ankles than the clear target provided.

The match then proceeded to fizzle out with no more scores for either team however the sides were treated to a riled up Downie who arose from a late tackle liked a blood soaked Highlander before getting some calming words from his fellow Celts.

5 points is 5 points and Hammersmith and Fulham look forward to another trip north to Welwyn Garden Centre next week. Happy birthday to the Hattonater – hopefully your 27th year can bring an improved love life.