Hammers 5ths v Wasps – Match Report

The sun was out as the V’s headed through glorious Shepherds Bush to Acton to take on Wasps Amateurs and continue their progression up the league this year.

A fast start, with structured forward play saw the Hammers advance immediately into the oppo 22, thanks to solid hit ups from Michael Cusition and Jimmy Mitchell in particular. The pressure was soon turned into points with Mitchell picking out a 9 stone defender in the line and cruising over the line.

It wasn’t long after that yet again the Wasps defensive line was looking a little leaky. Paul Davies was through the middle quicker than you can say “Scatty Scuttlebug” and in the end, our own American superstar Chad Brad managed to get over for some meat.

There was soon a little wake up call at the opposite end. A few too many shoulder stroking tackles let to the Wasps forwards bundling over, and we were suddenly at 14-7 having dominated all of the action previously.

Luckily that was all Wasps had for the remainder of the match, and a cricket-esque score had been accumulated. 96-7.

Honourable mentions to:
Steven Danby who kicked 13/14 conversions, despite running the clock down multiple times when the incorrect tee was passed to him (Gilbert rather than Adidas i think it was).
Well done to Charles Allen who managed to cast aside the distraction of new love and played with composure on the wing.
Jack Mitchell showed great pace to break clear late in the second half, and with only 30 yards and no defenders to the line…..the gas tank emptied in a second.
Jimmy Mitchell had a good go at the record try tally for one game, with 4 meat pies, a performance that only Seb Money could somehow deny MOM for.