Hammers 3rds overcome a spirited Grasshoppers

It was on a wet and rainy October the 2nd that Hammersmith 3s were getting ready to play their first game of the season at fortress Hurlingham. Today’s lamb to the slaughter: the Grasshoppers RFC that, after suffering a severe beating during pre-season, were out for revenge. However, as will soon be obvious, they were no match against the all-fearing all-conquering Hammers team of that day.

Despite the harsh conditions, spirits were high and captain Jones made sure that the goal of today’s game was clear for everyone: take names, make a statement, and contribute to what was soon to be called the 4 out of 4 weekend. After a solid and necessary warm-up, and a quick gathering in changing rooms, the team was on the pitch ready to rumble.

With the wind on our side during first half, kick-off was long and quickly enough Hammers were in the place they wouldn’t leave for the whole of the first half: the opposition’s 22.  After a good defensive phase and some ball-handling errors from Grasshoppers, Hammers had re-gathered the ball. Some solid carries of the forwards later, the ball was played out wide quickly where Sandy was able so send Sam straight through the middle for his 1st (of many) try of the day! Then followed an extended period of time during which Hammers neither left the other team’s camp nor managed to score any points. A lack of discipline, as well as solid scrums and lineouts from the Grasshoppers were to blame for these unacceptably meagre spoils. The team nevertheless re-focused and was able to materialise their dominance in the form of two tries right before half-time: Adam in the middle and Jamal out on the wing.

Half-time score: 19-0.

At that point Hammers were feeling confident and knew that the game was theirs for the taking, even with the wind against us and conditions getting worst. In fact, what began as a light drizzle had turned into a proper shower, or what the Irish call ‘barbecue weather’, to the great damn of both the bench and the two valiant supporters that chose not to hide under the clubhouse and watch the 1s.

Right after kick-off the team was already cornered in their 22s and after a well-executed line-out Grasshoppers managed to score their first try of the game. Hammers knew they had to regain momentum quickly, but the opposition could feel they had (literally) the wind at their back and had returned close to our line. Once again discipline was lacking and after some tackles too high and not aggressive enough, Hammers conceded another try. This turn of events was not acceptable, and the team made sure to get back to it with a renewed intensity. Our fitness superiority and the entrance of the bench made it that we quickly regained the upper-hand, and soon enough Hammers were back where they belonged. The rest of this game is a bit of a blur as I was actually on the pitch, and because tries were lining up too fast for me to follow. The opposition had seemingly given up and Hammers were just too fit, too fast and too furious to handle. Sam -the Vaseline – Nursery got another couple tries under his belt after some magnificent runs, as did Adam straight after kick-off. Isaac finally finished them off with a great run and an even greater final dummy for maximal disrespect.

Strong performance for the 3s’ first game at home and a great weekend for the club!

Final Score : 48-13

MoM : Sam Nursery | DoD : Seb Money