Hammers 1st XV great start continues

In the run up to the Beaconsfield fixture everyone was aware a bullseye has painted on our chest’s, following the dismantling of Windsor. Our scalps were the prized possessions of the league, after our standout victory, and up stepped Beaconsfield to chance their hand. So, my question is … What do films such as ‘Moneyball’, ‘Rocky’ and ‘The Mighty Ducks’ all have in common? Aside from being some of the best sports films ever made, they all draw your focus to the underdog. Pulling at heartstrings to root for the underdog is a classic Hollywood trope familiar in many stories. This however is not that story… BREAKING NEWS… Hammers did it again!

A minute’s silence punctuated the pre-match build-up from the actual contest. It has, since the passing of the Queen, been a time of mourning and sorrow. Other sports events across London and the country were postponed or cancelled in shows of respect. The RFU decided that rugby was to continue and in turn so was Hammers Day. (I heard the Queen was a Hammers fan so it’s what she would’ve wanted.)

A play by play analysis of all 13 tries (yes you read that correctly 13) would rival Homer’s Iliad for length and would likely become mundane and repetitive after a while. Here are a few of my personal highlights which might give you a flavour for the match.

The battle for top try scorer has been advanced with Matt Kileen touching 3 down this week to add to his existing 4 from the Windsor match. While Joe Carolan also scored 3 this week Matt has opened up a lead in the standings. Will Tim Russell have to cut his hair or will he catch up? The support lines from all of the backs were superb and when the Hammers attack flooded the line whoever caught the offload usually scored. Plenty of contenders for try of the year.

Tim Russell, scything through the defence decided to change teams. No longer was he a Hammer instead now he was a Harlem Globe-Trotter offloading a basketball style pass to Alex Hart over the head of the penultimate defender. Ooh’s and aah’s followed from the crowd as Hart offloaded to Joe Carolan to do the final bit of running.

Joe Carolan not kicking the ball into touch on the full. Congratulations Joe.

The front row union has clearly been having secret meetings. Not only was the scrum strong but the ball carrying was very impressive. The defence on several occasions was carved up by a front row running an inside or tip line. Special commendation to Scott who is clearly still trying to make a good impression. In the right place most of the time which ultimately paid off with 2 tries. Ricky Drewitt’s grabbed one more try for the front row. A tip toe sideline run to score the final try of the day. Must be the footwork he picked up in his boxing debut but the man squeezed down the side-line to seal the deal.

Nobody hits ruck’s like Tom Proctor, at least according to Mark, and nobody picks and goes like Tom Proctor either. Thank you for showing us how to exploit the shortside Tom a role model as always. Be more like Tom.

Before the match I heard a rumour that Ed Haynes used to be a flanker. The man who currently occupies our midfield has nearly as many tries as appearances. After witnessing first hand the crunching tackles, knocking the wind out of Beaconsfield, it’s a rumour I now believe. Equally it is the second week in a row where he has dropped the ball while running.

To sign off I’d like to paraphrase the great wisdom of Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage… “Rugby is a fraternity, and the boys will work their butts off for you as long as you respect them and don’t lie. You can’t let anyone walk all over you, or everybody will walk all over you.”

Synchronise your watches.

3pm Saturday 17th @ Cobham.

Don’t be late.


(Seriously Harty don’t be late)