Hammers 1st XV makes it 3 big-wins-in-a-row

A sunny day set the scene for what the Hammersmith expected to be a challenging day, and the first game away from home this season.

Cobham started the game fast, as Hammersmith tried to wash off a warmup which had lacked execution. Cobham prevented multiple attempts from Hammersmith to leave their half. Then they were able to rack up some phases which lead to a step and offload from Cobham’s 10, setting up the first points of the game. 7-0.

With neither team able to create too much momentum a slick set piece saw the Hammersmith forwards maul their way to the second score of the day. 7-5.

Unfortunately for Hammersmith, further difficulty with execution continued and then a defensive penalty allowed Cobham take three points in front of the sticks. 10-5.

The rush defensive call was given, and Joe Carolan ran up to intercept a pass leading to Hammersmith’s second score of the day. 10-12.

Following the next restart, Hammersmith seem to be lifted and started to show what they can do. With Forwards and backs linking up well. A break from Tim Russell and good support from Scott Van Berckel, Lead to good position within Cobham’s half. Further forward punch ups continued, the move was finished by Ollie Weaver completing a three person miss pass, for James lo to finish in the corner. 10-17

The positive spell continued as major ground made by Tom Proctor and Josh Smith found Hammersmith in the Cobham 22. A great cross field kick from Ollie Weaver was expertly received by Tim Russell who offloaded to Edward Haynes for Hammersmith’s fourth try of the day. 10-24

Momentum continued for Hammersmith, after a move which started just outside of their 22 was ended by Ben Dugdale, he claims, doting the ball down. The ref however felt the ball was knocked on and so the scrum was given to Cobham which lead to a good exit for Cobham. Hammersmith found themselves once again being unable to string passes together, luckily for Hammersmith this period was brief and following a solid kick chase an attacking scrum on the half way line was won. A slick backs move, gave the ball to the back three whom connect well with James lo finishing the move off. 10-31

This period of play continued, after receiving the restart Hammersmith put phases together. Finishing with a good inside ball from Ollie Weaver to Joe Carolan, whom after a dummy was able to run directly under the sticks. 10-38

Shortly after the start of the second half , the Hammersmith’s defensive penalty count started to rise. This allowed Cobham multiple visits to within the Fulham 22. On the third time of asking, Cobham upped the intensity and got the first points of the half. A good line out, followed by a strong midfield move and then quick hands found the space out wide. 15-38

Both teams then took turns stringing a few phases together without much return. A good pass from Ross Anderson gave the Hammersmith back three another chance in attack. This time choosing a less orthodox style with the ball finding the floor quick thinking from Peter Morris led to a bit of football, allowing Tim Russell to jump on the ball once it was over the line. 15-43

Another patch of form was found by Hammersmith, a good period of phases strung together lead to another good set piece and a second maul try from the forwards. 15-50

Hammersmith were then able to complete an end-to-end play from the kick off, including an excellent kick and collect from Peter Morris, and an impressive carry from old man Rogan, who once back to his feet went again with a pick and go. Joe Carolan completed his hattrick scoring off an inside ball from Josh Smith. 15-57

Following this Cobham had another period of attack, but the ball was picked out by Tim Russell who ran the ball in from 60 meters out. 15-64

Cobham had one last attack in them, identical to their other try of the half. A penalty led to a line out in a dangerous area, a big hit up in the midfield then quick hands to score on the edge. 20-64.

At the final whistle Hammers went into the changing room happy with the result, but disappointed by discipline and errors, lots to work on this week.