Hammers 2s v Esher- Match Report

(Please read in Yorkshire accent)  

Hi guys, weekends (been) here again, hope you’ve had a good week and earnt a few quid. Whaattt. 

This week our second team had a few fixtures cancelled, but last minute on Friday Esher offered us the chance of an away day fixture….. Simply Loveleh.  

Following intense exchanges about opposition, travel arrangements and whether Watson would wear his No.1s or not we were on our way to Esher…… be seeing you.  

The warm up started with a bit of a laugh, a joke and some absolute banging tunes, but after some stern words from senior players the warm up went well and we were ready to go…… Big Up.  

The game started well with phase play working very well for the hammers, recycling lead to some swift passes for Taylor to go under the posts……. Simply lovely. 

We then decided to try and run everything from our 22 for the next 10 minutes with no luck, but also no score….. Moving on.  

After some solidity at the scrum and some nice phase play rugby, Magnus barber made a nice break on the outside with a great pass inside to Skipper Cramp, who then reversed the Pass to the screaming JLO on the burst for a simply simply lovely score.  

The scoring for the half wasn’t finished with Billy Rylance finally running a line he should be proud of with a great finish…. Plenty in the tank sir.  

Half time- Hammers 19-0 Esher Abbots  

Esher started the second half extremely well scoring two well worked tries from a driving maul and some good hands….. bloody good shot sir.  

After the second try and the realisation the game could go to Esher if the Hammers didn’t work their issues out, the huge hits and incentive of a free pint got to Watson (even though he’s very wealthy), Rylance and Rob Fox….. Plenty in the tank.  

Esher managed another penalty score (never a fan of kicking for goal in a friendly)… whatttttt 

Hammers then decided to do the same to take the score out of reach of Esher……plenty in the tank sir.  

With the final whistle going, the hammers had won and were relieved after a strong showing from a young Esher team.  

Final score – Hammers 22 – 15 Esher Abbots.   

Listen guys, its tough out there, stay safe. Be seeing you.