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Did you use to play for the mighty Hammers? If so we would love to hear from you.

Let us know where you are and what you are up to. Don’t forget to let us have some photos showing how well you have aged. We will publish your news and photos on this page.

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Doug Bone

Tuesday 31st March 2015Doug Bone

Just been down club again. Certainly earns the friendliestclub tag. Saw some good rugby and a selection of old boys, great day. Joined the club at the start and played with some great guys, fond memories of the playing and after match antics. So many good players . Great times

Thursday 20th November 2014dave bone

coming to watch in december anyone gona be there from the golden oldies ?

Saturday 7th December 2013dave bone

played for the mighty hammers with some very good players, brother dougie, the matthewmans , and the trio of higgins brothers,

Saturday 9th November 2013John Fergus

Loved pitching up to play at Hurlingham for the Hammers and have so many excellent memories on and off the field. No clubhouse at the time so we all went off to the Sloany Pony for a pint after the game. Super Totty….. Put into early retirement by a London Nigerian with a stride remenincent of Andy Ripley btreaking two ribs ( and my thumb when I took my revenge ..! Chin like a breeze block,,, !!. However, some very showie moves accomplished at 13 with my Buddies Pete Ward at 12 and Rhodri Evans at Scrum Half. Happy days indeed. Have fun Boys…! FERG.


Thursday 4th July 2013James Air

Played Hammers 1992-2001 but now live in Sydney. I see you are now on the Lions tour and I hear there is a Hammer’s tour game on Saturday (July 6th). Please, someone tell me where in Sydney & what time so I can come down and support you??

Anthony Charlton

Wednesday 26th June 2013Anthony Charlton

Hi to anyone who knew me, and to all playing today. I played in the backs for a few years between 1994-2002, in the days when playing in London 2 would be unthinkable. What progress the club has made since then, both on and off the pitch!

I’ve been in Paris since 2004 but have a dream to play a veterans’ game for HFRFC one day, alongside John Sulola, Ed Coe and others from that era.

Martyn Barlow

Thursday 28th June 2012Martyn Barlow

Just found the website well done to the club. Played 1985/86, anywhere in the backs from flyhalf out - remember training on the asphalt netball courts in the middle of week, meeting at the pub on Staurday mornings before going to games. Was part of the Kiwi contingent from the Batoum Gardens flat in Shepherds bush.

The pics I see of Bhomdat looks like the years have been kind to him – he even has more hair than me! Would appreciate if some one could please pass on my best regards to him.

Pic is of me and my grand daughter.


Monday 14th May 2012Ian Smith

Hammers vets win plate competition at the Leicester national vets tournament. Well done to Chris Hunt and Alex Sterling for organising a fantastic weekend of rolling back the years for several old hams, joint players of the tournament went to BOS and Webby with Smithy bizarrely top try scorer. Tin man to bigal for his exuberant celebrations after winning. Same time again next year guys?

Saturday 18th February 2012Fred Mundy

Hi All who remember me,
I played for the Hammers form 1978-79 through to the early 90’s. First game at 15 yrs old for the then thirds against Barclay’ with Bhomdat as captain, who chauffeured all of us around and delivered a few of us home the worse for wear. Around 1980 a colts team was formed we did not lose many games across 2-3 seasons with Big Gerry Payne as coach. Then moved on to the senior side’s. I have great memory’s and stories of these years. We had some great tours and trips , Rhyl seven’s, Portugal and my first tour to Chedder with Bhomdat swimming in Chedder gouge.

Great to see the club doing well in the league tables.
Hope to get down soon for a beer.


Thursday 19th January 2012Nick Burrough

Now living in Sydney but in touch with a few current and old Hammers. Loved the Tours especially getting Ginger to go mad. O’Sullivan still side stepping of the same foot every time?

Saturday 26th February 2011Ian Smith

Congratulations and well done an awesome achievement. well done mark and the boys i cant believe its still February and you are champions, close it out and win that raptor league as well. i am very proud to be Hammer today

Tom Kenward aka Legs

Tuesday 25th January 2011Tom Kenward aka Legs

To my dear hammers,

Firstly my sincerest congratulations to all the teams on their continued success through this season. When I left at the end of last season I think we all knew that the first team were on the brink of something special and I am proud of all you guys for delivering on that expectation. May it continue in to next season and beyond. Obviously it is all down to the new website, eh Dilley?!

As for me, having moved out to France to start up my own business running a ski chalet in the French Alps, I am settling in to life well here. I have joined a local rugby club which involves training in the snow but has the added benefit of drinks breaks which involve mulled wine and cider! I have also taken to the skies having done a paragliding course which is a massively exhilarating experience that I would recommend to anyone (I took the picture here flying back towards our village of La Clusaz this summer)

It is all a massive learning curve being our first season (especially in another country and another language!) but business is going really well. Weekc and Hugo have been out here recently and we will hopefully have Giles and the ramshackle boys coming out in Spring.

If any other hammers are ever looking for a skiing holiday or an adventure holiday in the summer (waterskiing, hiking, biking etc), just drop us a message and I will sort you out. The chalet sleeps up to 15 so have a look at the website www.experiencelaclusaz.com.

Best of luck for the rest of the season and I look forward to seeing you all when I am back in the spring!



Friday 14th January 2011Robin Kangalee

I played for H&F in the second season with proberly the best backrow in my playing days with the likes of Dug Bones Dave Higgins also Terry, better known as chester, a fantastic ball player and deceving runner. I must mension my old friend Bhomdat better known as KOCK. There were a group of us who grew up together from school days. We also had a Sunday side called WRENAGADES which most of H&F players came from. Marco, Terry, Bhomdat and Dave were my personal friends I had a lot of lovely memories. I now live in Trinidad W I.


Luke Goggin

Wednesday 12th January 2011Luke Goggin

Great new website - sounds like all is going well at HFRFC. I continue to move further away, Claire and I currently living in the boonies in Walton-On-Thames, first kid on the way in a few weeks!. Played for the hammers 2000 - 08 had some great times. Still playing (just) for Weybridge RFC in London South West 2, not doing as well as you guys. Good to see notes from old team mates such as Florian!

All the best


Wednesday 24th November 2010Steve Lake

Hi there Hammers,
I started at hammers and had the dubious honour of playing with Doug Bone, Fred Charnock, Es Hitchcock, Martin Williams, Jonah and the evergreen Lubanski. I even played in the clubs inaugural game at flanker, who put me there i dont know. Must say ive got lots of great memories especially of playing with Basher and Dickie Wayman, the smallest front row ever, but very effective. Loved it there keep in touch

Tim Bowles

Sunday 7th November 2010Tim Bowles


Some very fond memories with a few gaps in between. Known mainly for my drinking ability, I had a brief playing career in the centres in 2008 (thanks to a London Nigerian monster breaking my hand) but then recovered in time for a sensational Bournbados 7s and spectacular Stockholm 10s! Gilo - ‘not the bloody worst’ host and thanks again for the intro. And Dillon - bare chested dirt sliding is still my favourite spectator sport. Thanks for making my year in London fellas. Now in Hong Kong living the dream… If any of you ever fancy joining me - let me know. There’s a couch for anyone visiting and always time for a few 2 second beers.

All the best. Keep in touch. Man love



Wednesday 27th October 2010Dick Wayman

Hello Hammersmith & Fulham my name is dick wayman and i played for about the first 15 years of the clubs history great times great mates t alleyne c cuthbertson r bateman bones and not to forget bhomdat and many more i left and moved to kent where i played for medway also i went into coaching girls under 16 i must have done something right as one young girl is now the england captian hope to hear from one of u old boys best of luck hammers for this season.

dick wayman


Tuesday 21st September 2010Florian Cartoux

Hi there, just bumped into the newly revamped website. Very impressive… I am Florian, have been living in Brussels for 8 years and was part of the Hammers from 98 til 2001. I think I was the first French guy to play for hammers and used to be renowed for playing on the wing (yes I was fast). I used to play with the likes of Rod Anderson, Mike O’Sullivan, Andy Cameron and Luke Goggin. Yes, a long time ago. In any case, congratulations on the recent promotions and well done to the club and its committee (I think Terry and Chris remember me…)

All the best, Florian

Joe Ferreira (Saffa)

Wednesday 25th August 2010Joe Ferreira (Saffa)

Hi HAMMERS When I’m looking at all the photo’s… just made me think back of all the good times I had with the club in 2004 and 2005. Your season is about to start… so good luck for the new season guys and keep our name High!!




Sunday 15th August 2010Derek Scarlett

Great to hear that the mighty ‘HAMMERS’ are still going strong and that some of the lesser players are still alive, e.g. higgins, alleyne, ‘bommer’ etc., however it would be nice to hear how you have got on. Hope to visit Hurlingham soon to see how our great club has moved on.

See you there, UP THE HAMMERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! From the most under-rated back row player the club ever had! Del-boy (the king) Scarlett.


Thursday 12th August 2010del jacklin

hi everybody who nows me at hfrrc ive been at the club now for 28 years played with all the greats cant name them all they all special to me love dave higgins dougie bone ray bateman tony richards bomdat dave clarke the one only nick watkins pete tolputt es hitccock martin williams brian phipps pat hanland so many lovly people i am now coaching the mini rugby future of the club have a great 2010 del jacklin


Thursday 1st July 2010Australasian Contingent

A veritable who’s who of Hammersmith and Fulham rugby met in Brisbane over the weekend of 25/26/27 June to watch the Australia v Ireland test match. Only one of the group (Hendo) was disappointed by the score, the rest being true blooded Aussies, or in Ando’s case, almost naturalized. Other than the rugby the highlight of the weekend was the inaugural HFRFC Southern Hemisphere Golf competition played on the notoriously difficult Victoria Country Club Putt Putt course. Hendo was victorious on the day, closely followed by Ando with Dikjic third and Slatts bringing up the rear. He claimed he gave up after the ninth hole but did win the award for most Bogan abuse on the day. A good amount of beers were consumed, some great banter was had and a great weekend had by all. If anyone is this part of the world then do get in touch. The next scheduled meeting is the Bledisloe Cup game in Sydney in September.

Attendees: Pete Henderson, Rod Anderson, Sam “Still a pest” Wesley, Dan Dikjic, Todd Slatter, Wes Grant, Adam Stone, Drew Ascough.


Monday 10th May 2010Andrew Long (Longy)

Boys, just a note from a backpacking former player Longy Good to see the club has done so well and even better to see that my old mate Tony Richard is still playing the game we love. I also see names of boys I played with many a drunken year ago and am glad a club that looked after me is going so strong. I still play in Sydney and have been Club Captain of the Sydney premiership club side Southern Districts Rugby Club and Captain/Coach the 3rd grade side having a good group of English men joining us every year that still reminds me of the good times I had with you boys. If ever on tour in oz boys and wanting a game don’t hesitate to email me.

Take care boys, Andrew Long

Thursday 23rd October 2008Laurie McKenna

My name is Laurie Mckenna and I played for the Hammers around 79-80-81 I’m buggered if I can remember now (must be the Alzheimers!)

I was a scrum half (allegedly) and occasional centre or wing.

The memories now come flooding back .(getting carted up and down the Kings road in the back of Adam Lubanski’s green Saab listening to Dire Straits trying to find a restaurant where fat Bernie Kloska could eat and then fall asleep thereby enabling us to use his wallet to pay for said meal .

Bernie is now in Vietnam I think and prior to that was in Aussie Where he works for a company selling cigarettes, a rich irony as the bastard never bought any!

I played with ,among others Terry Alleyne, Dougie & Dave Bone, Dave Higgins, Pete Tolputt, Es Hitchcock (and his old Jag),the one and only Bhomdat, Masher Mowforth, Tony Richards, Pascal Peters Adam Lubanski, Steve Lake and many others whom I’m sorry to say that my memory has failed me on!

I spent many a happy evening in the Peterborough and have the dubious distinction (and still the scar under my armpit) of Falling down the inspection pit of the garage next door whilst looking for a quiet, dark place for a whizz. I think I still somewhere have the cutting from the paper where somebody asked me to go and put names to a team photo and predictably it ended up as a very silly collection of names such as Doug Bonehead ,Steve Puddle Fred Earknock etc .

I lived in Cape Town after leaving London and played for and coached at Villagers Rugby where I enjoyed the company of lots of (very similar) Seth Efrican pissartists!

I am currently living in Teignmouth with The Beastie and the heir and spare who both play for Teignmouth RFC juniors.

My job consists of going around whispering at little old Ladies as I sell Hearing Aids

Would love to hear from anyone who remembers me

Regards, Laurie McKenna

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