Hammers Ladies 1st XV v Windsor Dames – Match Report

This is starting to be a bit cliche, but once again, perfect Sunday for rugby as the sun was out, temperature was high, castle was in position and Liz was waving from her window. Quite a different squad of Hammers walked on that pitch of Windsor, ready however to play that game of rugby with all the heart it needed. 
But what a start from Windsor. Right from the start they showed us this will not be an easy game and that they wanted that win. We just had to show to them we wanted it more. Under a lot of pressure, we lost the couple into contact, and Windsor managed to get the first points down after a try off a line out. 5-0. 

Posted by Hammersmith & Fulham RFC on Wednesday, 18 October 2017


It wasn’t long however until the Hammers were back in the race. With some very casual stepping from our number 10 Leaaaaah. Try under the post, Sophie T decided to put her kicking boots on and got the conversion. 7-5. Right from the re start we put a lot of energy, with some energic running, pick and go and line breaks. Maybe a bit too much energy left here, and we let Windsor go through to score their second try. 12-7. 
That second half will give the Hammers a bit more time and space to go back to what we do (and enjoy) best: scoring tries. An absolute storming Bukky took the ball at pace, willing to stop only when she’s under the posts. Shit Sophie was on fire, and conversion was in. 14-12. We were back in the game. 
Pace and intensity sent up on those last 20min, and it was all to our advantage. Some great back play, clap clap, and defence, special mention to our favourite flanker / oops fullback for a try-saving tackle. We continued to work our way up, and Katherine got her try after some very speedy running. Converted by Sophie, 21-12. Leah decided it was try time again, and managed to go over that line once again, bringing the score to 26-12. Missed conversion, I would simply quote “No conversion, Shit Sophie is back” (cc Ella). Last try of that game was a beautiful example of what we are able to achieve all together, as the ball went through almost every set of hands before finishing into Fanny’s hands. Obviously relieved of the burden to live under a fake name, she ran as free as the wind onto that try line. Final score 31-12. Boom boom.  

Posted by Hammersmith & Fulham RFC on Wednesday, 18 October 2017


On the drinking side of things, again, so many pints it requires a couple bullet points (NB: All our pints were offered by Windsor, thought it was worth mentioning it) 
– Welcome to Olivia, Natacha, Victoria, Aleena and Vanessa. Once a Hammers…
– Back of the match went to our fav Katherine, for some unbelievable speed, amazing abilities to play every position at the backs (thanks!) and some cracking tackle along the way. 
– Forward of the match went to your devoted CFL, because apparently I’m crazy and I’m French. Some ooosh may be involved as well.