Saturday 18th February 2017

Zoo Shield Division 3 (Level 8)

Kew Occasionals 19 Hammers 66

Match Report – Hammers 2nd XV (away) VS Kew Occasionals – 18th February

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a game of rugby at the Richmond ground. Kew turned up last minute before kick-off and then we were underway…

Hammers to receive form the kick-off. Ball gets taken into contact and quickly cleared by scrum-half Gary Leith to give Hammers some breathing room and start the march up the pitch.

Kew’s line-out is on form and Hammers lose possession in midfield. Kew spread the ball wide and in what will become a familiar routine over the next 80 minutes, carve a hole in our defensive line to run in a 50 metre try under the posts. The kicker slots the kick with ease to put Kew up 7-0 after 2 minutes.

The Hammers don’t let the early score get to them and we rally and fight on for the ball in midfield. We start playing patterns but the comms just aren’t there and we quickly fall into a routine of one-out runners being isolated and a more-aggressive Kew side take advantage at the breakdown and disrupting our rucks.

First scrum to hammers after a Kew knock-on, Kew put on a savage burst and drive us off our own ball, the Kew 8 picks-and-gos. He’s taken down hard by flanker George Chapman and Hammers get a penalty when the 8 doesn’t release. Gee lines up the kick but just doesn’t find touch. Kew have an excellent runner on the wing who runs it 30 metres back to their 10-meter line having broken three tackles. Our lads aren’t going for the chop tackle and Kew are shoving past us, taking two or three blokes to get them to ground.

Hammers lose our first lineout, Kew are quick on the uptake and spread ball again to their strong running backs who swiftly capitalise against the disjointed Hammers defensive line to score again. By the time they reach the try-line they have a 3-man overlap. Hammers looking into the ruck, not up sat their men. The Kew kicker slots another easy ball. 14-0 Kew

Hammers keep their heads up and we start to keep the ball a bit more. Hammers awarded another penalty which gets us deep into their 22. We use the momentum and the backs pull off a great move that leaves the Kew backls reeling. Some excellent crisp passing leads to a Hammers score in the corner!

Score is now 14-5, Siu lines up a very hard kick right on the side-line…… just misses…. Still 14-5

The next 10 minutes sees a lot of the fight in our own 22. Defence remains strong but the strong Kew runners weather us down and they burst through to score again. The kicker lines up another slottable kick and increases the deficit to 21-5

Hammers kick-off, a Kew winger takes the ball from the kick and darts all the way back to the try line having broken through our entire team! He’s in the clear and just about to score when he suddenly drops the ball!!! In perhaps the luckiest knock-on in Hammers history, we get the 22 drop-out.

Kew’s two excellent runners continue to make mince-meat of our defence and it isn’t pretty. Comms aren’t there in defence or attack and we still don’t go in for the chop-tackles. In Hammers defence we were playing with a number of blokes new to the team but we needed to focus on staying in our pods and play Hammers patterns

Kew shred through again and score 5 more. Conversion missed but score has now increased to 26-5

Hammers kick-off but it looks like the will is broken. Kew score a try almost immediately after their last. The kick sails through the uprights to make it 33-5

Hammers kick-off again and try to put together patterns but Kew remain more aggressive at the rucks and take possession. The same story occurs, the ball gets spread to their strong runners in the back-line, they use the overlap and seize every chance they can get. Another try! Kew push ahead to 40-5

Lots of midfield play and Hammers start defending better. There are some crunching tackles from Si Doherty and Will North. Chris Ralph also showing some excellent lines when running moves. We then win one of their lineouts in their 22… we use the size of our pack to drive it 10 metres and we start looking far stronger. This could be the rallying effort that brings it all back from the brink

Hammers get all way to their 5 metre line and the effort is clearly showing…

Disaster strikes as Kew intercept a pass on their own 5 metre line to score a 95 metre try… Kew kicker now starts drop-kicking the conversions, misses wide right. 45-5

Half time

Hammers keeping calm heads moving into the second half. We know what we need to do and we start playing more as a unit. the stalwart Hammers defence re-appears and we start making life a bit more difficult for Kew.

Chris Ralph intercepts a Kew pass and we really start piling on the pressure. Ryan Thomson, Tim Williams and Tim Murray all put their hands up for some big runs and crash into the strong Kew defence. Hammers continue with some good running in the back line. Si Doherty continues to make some huge hits and is one of the few players chopping their runners down. Alex Gee helps with the effort and cuts down their bigger runners.

Hammers spending vast amounts of time in their 22 and their half but we just can’t capitalise and get to the line”

Hammers starting to play patterns and Si Doherty and Gary lead with assertion

A huge blow comes when Kew score again and build their lead. Drop-kick conversion is good. 47-5

The last try has left Hammers reeling and Kew pile on the pressure with another try almost immediately. 54-5

Heads are down and their runners are finding gaps in our defence everywhere. Again Hammers try to steel themselves and head back into the fray to fight back and play continues in their half more than ours but small mistakes and Kew’s ferocious rucking give possession to Kew.

The Kew full-back makes 80 yards but drops the ball at try line!!! Two try line drops!! He was all the way and not marked and he drops it!

Another converted try puts Kew to 61-5

Kew dominating the second half and run in a quick successor. Drop-goal hardly even attempted. 66-5

Hammers don’t give up! we drive forward and score a converted try with Gee cutting a smashing inside line TRY!! 61-12

Hammers come back but only a few minutes to go….. deficit just too large. It’s about pride now. only minutes to go…

All the blokes have been running for the full 80 with no subs. Everyone is running on empty but there’s still some fir left! North joins the back line to give a quick overlay, two offloads and a burst of speed sees Will North score under the posts! Conversion is good and the final whistle screeches the end of a very tough outing.

Final score 66-19

  • Tries: -
  • Conversions: -
  • Penalties: -
  • Drop Goals: -
  • Hammers: -
  • Substitutes: -
  • Debut: -
  • Man of the Match: -
  • Tin Man: -