Club awards

About the awards

The annual club awards look to congratulate and show our appreciation for the efforts and achievements of our members. Here’s a bit about them and the winners.

Player of the Year
This award is given to a player for outstanding performance and commitment on the field of play. It is usually presented to a 1st XV player.

Young Player of the Year
This award is presented to a player aged between 18 and 25 who has consistently achieved a high standard of Rugby throughout the season.

Most Improved Player of the Year
Presented to a player who - either during the season or over a number of years - shown commendable improvement in their game thanks to hard work and dedicated committment.

Clubman of the Year
This trophy is awarded to a person who - by giving back to the club both on and (especially) off-the field - embodies everything it is to be a Hammer.

Walter Naylor Award
The brother of our first chairman Ed Naylor presented this award to the club in 1982 as appreciation for what the club had achieved in its first three years of existence. This award is generally presented to outgoing captains and committee members who have given outstanding service to the club.

Neil Baynham Award
Neil Baynham was a player with the club in 1982-83, who won his first and only ever trophy playing rugby for Hammersmith & Fulham at the Harrodian sevens. He was so pleased that he was selected and played that he got his father (who was in the pottery industry), to make a statue of a rugby player in Hammersmith & Fulham colours, presented to the club as the Neil Baynham Award. The original statue trophy was unfortunately damaged by Tony Richards and has now been replaced. This award is given at the discretion of the management committee to someone who has made a major contribution to the club.

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